About us


Qwine is founded in 2003, consisting of an experienced team who are producing and distributing wines of high quality from various regions in Italy. Despite the quality level of our wines they are all sold at competitive international prices.
Our wine-production is based on modern winemaking knowledge which allow us to produce attractive wines which is trendy and in demand at present.
Qwine’s administration office is placed in Emilia-Romagna and our main warehouse and production facility is placed close by Asti in the Piedmont region.
Alongside the office in Emilia-Romagna Qwine Srl. has a sales office in Denmark taking care of the export to the north part of Europe.
Qwine’s knowledge of Italian and international winemaking is the strength of our company. Combined with our strong day to day contact to different Italian grape growers create a solid position towards great products. We select our grapes with great care which express and give credit to the qualities of the soil in which the vines grow.
With an excellent, dedicated work-force, Qwine has the joy to face many interesting challenges awaiting the company in the present and future.
We wish to show the true value of our portfolio and the results of proud Italian tradition combined with the most modern winemaking technology.



Qwine was officially formed between 2002 and 2003, by an Italian business partner and Kenneth Løndahl.
In the founding years Sicily’s and Puglia’s potential for wines of exceptional quality was not fully recognised and therefore considerable investments in different projects was done by Qwine in those two regions.
Since then the company have in a successful way proved to consumers around the world which high quality the wines from Sicily and Puglia can be produce into and sold at very competitive prices. This experience is transferred into other regions – both better and less known.
Today Qwine is also producing wines from Veneto and Piedmont, as an example. With serious investments in many different regions Qwine is capable of producing valuable products suitable for modern consumption.
Qwine forged an alliance with a group of wineries on Sicily and in Puglia in 2003. Later in 2006 also in Veneto and in 2007 as well in Piedmont, Marche and Abruzzo with the purpose of producing and supplying major retail points, inside as well as outside Europe.
Within our team, we have different winemakers, consultants and a well-educated staff.
Qwine was officially registered on the 1st March 2003 where the portfolio of the 2002 vintage was published 1st April 2003 at wine trade show: Vinitaly.



Kenneth Løndahl:

Kenneth is the Director and part-owner of Qwine. After 10 years in the Danish wine trade working for H.J. Hansen Vinhandel A/S as Product and Marketing assistant to the managers, he did three years training as a cellar-hand in the U.S.A., Australia and France.
During this time, he worked for producers such as Simi Winery in California, Yalumba Winery in Barossa Valley, Maison Joseph Drouhin in Beaune, Maison Moillard-Grivot in Nuits, both Burgundy and Didier Dagueneau in Pouilly-Fumé, plus Château Smith Haut Lafitte and Château Haut Sarpe, Bordeaux.
Before becoming an Independent Wine consultant and later wine producer, Kenneth was export manager for Western Wines Ltd., England.


Creating a Successful Distributing company:

Qwine places its emphasis on Quality; the quality of grapes, of vinification, of bottling, of packaging, of distribution and of marketing, to name just some of the areas.
Value can be achieved in all levels of production with the skilful and experienced staff Qwine has. Whilst our main selection of grapes is in Sicily and in Puglia, we have good connections and know-how about producers of grapes in other regions such as Veneto, Piedmont, Abruzzo, Marche and Umbria. Qwine follows developments in each area in order to find the best suppliers and see ways in which to improve our own techniques and wines in the regions of our focus.
The company currently employs a small team but Qwine is in contact with highly reputed winemakers on a frequently basis to ensure the sustained high quality of our work.
Suppliers to our company are carefully chosen for their quality and level of service, price flexibility and vision. The style of our wines is ascertained and progress follows a marketing plan we prepared when creating Qwine srl.
Customer service is paramount. Sourcing, concept work, quality control of speed and accuracy in customer relations are of the greatest importance. Our team is fully trained in the importance of implementing this policy.
We are successful in producing high class wines at very competitive prices. We are also very aware of how important the logistic and general correspondence with our customers is. This is why we take on each part of our work with equal importance.


Company facilities

Qwine works with several wineries around Italy.
  1. On Sicilia some of our cooperation partners are Cantina Corbera, situated in Santa Margherita Belice (Agrigento). Vaccaro winery, a private winery owned by Vaccaro family, situated in the Salaparuta (Trapani) in the Belice valley. Aurora Valle Templi, a cooperative winery situated in Agrigento very close to the Valle dei Templi. Those are some of the suppliers to our productions from Sicilia.
  2. In Puglia Qwine work with different partners. Amongst other the co-operative of Matino, where the wine making is done with the help of Francesco Conserva, a well-experienced Puglian winemaker who knows the Salento area very well.
  3. In Veneto Qwine works principally with one major winery and some smaller wineries. Vignaioli La Castellana Winery is a private winery in Marano di Valpolicella (VR). This is one of our important supplier.